AJN Stalking  - High Quality Deer Stalking throughout the UK
As I have stated on here before, the reason for me creating AJN stalking was because from experience I believed that there was an unmet demand for high quality deer stalking in the UK. Therefore this market was something I felt I could enter and be successful in.
The obvious thing to state about providing high quality deer stalking is that without access to high quality land for stalking in terms of quantity and quality I would be unable to provide the high quality experience. This is the reason why I have been very careful to select the areas that I use to take clients at such an early stage of the business.
I am also very lucky to be supported by an experienced, helpful and friendly team of guides, most of which have a number of years experience on individual pieces of land that we use. We all enjoy guiding and enjoy it even more when we have an enjoyable time with our clients and they are successful, so this in it itself is enough motivation to make your trip memorable.
We also can offer the “estate rifle” facility that allows you to borrow our rifles on your trip thus meaning you don’t have the hassle of traveling with your own rifle. However if you wish to bring your own rifles then we are happy to arrange the necessary paperwork to ensure this.
The rifles we have on offer to use are:
·      Blaser R93 Black Edition 6.5 x 55 SE
·      Sako 85 Hunter 6.5 x 55 SE
·      Sako 75 Custom S/S .243 AI
·      Remington Classic .300 Win Mag
All our rifles are fitted with sound moderators and have high quality optics, Swarovski, S & B and Zeiss.
Everything that I have mentioned so far is not necessarily anything hugely different to what most agents offer. However from talking to previous clients and what I have learnt myself when you go hunting especially abroad, your hunting trip can easily have the edge taken off it no matter how good the hunting is if the whole package is not right. Hence why my aim is to arrange everything this side of the water for you, enabling you to have a relaxed trip that suits your needs.
Therefore we are happy to look after the following:
·      Airport Transfers (We will pick you up ourselves)
·      Transfer from Accommodation to Hunting Ground
·      Transfer to Restaurants for Lunches / Dinner etc
·      Day and Evening Trips
·      Licenses, Permits, Insurance etc
·      Accommodation
·      Trophy Preparation
·      Taxidermy
·      Trophy Shipment and Paperwork
If there is anything else you would like help with then please do not hesitate to ask…
With all this in place I really do have every confidence that your trip with us will be of the highest quality and will be memorable beyond the hunting, I look forward to meeting you in the near future…
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