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Roe Deer
(Capreolus capreolus)
Adult Size. 10 to 25kg, 60 to 75cm at shoulder (bucks - males slightly larger than does - females).
Colouration. Summer: reddish brown. Winter: grey, pale brown or (occasionally) black.
Antlers. Rugose, short (<30cm), 3 tines (points) on each.
Lifespan. Max: 16 years. Bucks rarely exceed 5 years, does 6 to 7 years. Heavy mortality at and shortly after birth and during first winter.
Social groups. Solitary, forming small groups in winter.
Time of birth. May to June.Number of offspring. Up to 3, usually 1 or 2 kids.
Gestation period. 9 months (4 months of  no embryonic growth followed by 5 months of foetal growth).
Food & feeding. Browsers that activley select different food types including herbs, brambles, ivy, heather, bilberry & coniferous tree shoots.
To view amateur footage of a roe deer follow this link:
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