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(Muntiacus reevesi)
Recognition. Small, stocky, russet brown in summer, grey brown in winter. Long pedicles, short antlers and visible upper canines in bucks. Very large facial glands below the eyes. Ginger forehead with pronounced black lines running to the pedicles in bucks, dark U shape in does. Haunches higher than withers, giving a hunched appearance. Fairly wide tail, which is held erect when disturbed.
Adult size. Bucks (males): 10 to 18kg, 44 to 52cm at shoulder. Does (females): 9 to 16kg, 43 to 52cm at shoulder.
Antlers. Short (up to 10cm) but on long pedicles. Usually unbranched but brow tine occasionally found in old bucks.
Lifespan. Bucks: up to 16 years. Does: up to 19 years, but these are exceptional.
Status. Introduced. Widespread and increasing in number and range.
UK distribution. South and central England and Wales. North of the Humber distribution is patchy but reaches close to the Scottish border.
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