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As part of our dedication to deer, I am always happy to offer free consultancy advice on the management of all 6 of the UK deer species living wild in the UK. Fortunately due to helping manage deer herds on estates, across the South of England and East Anglia I can often offer advice as to how the varying habits that we encounter in the UK may change the way in which you choose your management plan, as well as often having a acquaintances who can offer you regular help in getting the plan started.
I am very aware that it is not just the quality and quantity of deer that have to be taken into account when creating a management plan, the wishes of the estate or landowner must be met to ensure that the plan is sustaiable to other stakeholding enterprises on the estate. Examples of these can be potential damage to Agriculture and Forestry.
Deer management in recent years has been seen by many landowners and estates as a growing opportunity for income to an estate when run as an enterprise. This doesnt always have to be in the form of the commercial client in some areas with certain species, often the larger herd species such as Fallow, Red and Sika deer an income can be made from the sale of deer carcasses as venison. I have created a link to another page where I have looked at the changing ways people are getting their venison to the table.
The demand for hunting in general across the globe is growing and this has been of great benefit to the UK who has some execeptional hunting especially for deer.
The quality of both the service and the animal in most of the 6 species is second to none and this is what we hope to maintain however this will only do so by ensuring that our deer herds are managed by people who put deer welfare and quality management before fast income. Deer potentially are an extremely sustainable and renewable form of income for an estate if managed correctly and should develop from strength to strength.
Sadly too many see them as a way of making quick money that leads to many years of rebuilding after the damage has been done and an overall loss in income. 
I hope that my services can be of use to you in the future and I will ensure I do my very best to meet the wishes of all the parties involved whilst ensuring that animal welfare is at the top of the management priorities.
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