AJN Stalking  - High Quality Deer Stalking throughout the UK
Across Norfolk we have four estates totalling 9,000 acres where we can hunt for Muntjac Deer, Chinese Water Deer, Red Deer and Roe Deer, with even the possible chance of some Fallow Deer on one of the Estates.
These estates offer a unique opportunity to come to the UK and hunt 3 - 5 species depending on the time of year all in one trip. It is not uncommon for use to see three or four species in an outing of hunting, on one estate. There have even been cases where we have had clients take three species in a session all at a very affordable price.
We have spaces for this coming September & October for Multi - Specie hunts for Red Stags, Roe Bucks, Muntjac Bucks & Fallow Bucks. This will be during the Red Deer Rut and the start of the Fallow Deer Rut. The Red Deer in Norfolk are European Red Deer and therefore have some impressive heads.
If Chinese Water Deer is your target species then why not come from November to March and hunt CWD, Muntjac and still have the possibility of taking a Red Stag or Fallow Buck even though they are hard to hunt at this time of year. There will also be the chance to take some female animalsof these species should you wish during these hunts.
If this interests then please get in touch and I will send you some further information and prices. This is high quality hunting and at a very competitive price.
As I always suggest if this is not quite what you are after, then get in touch and let me know what you are after from your trip to the UK, this way I can make suggestions from experience and come up with a package that suits all your needs to ensure you have an enjoyable trip.

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