AJN Stalking  - High Quality Deer Stalking throughout the UK
We have several areas to hunt Sika & Roe Deer in Dorset, South West England... The Poole basin is well known as one of the best areas for Sika Hunting in the world and consistently holds good numbers of Sika and some very high quality stags... These areas also hold good numbers of Roe which add to the fantastic Sika stalking we have...
Location ~ Dorset
Deer Species ~ Japanese Sika Deer & Roe Deer
Stalking Type ~ Arable - Woodland - Stalking - High Seats Available 
Prices ~ £225 Includes 2 Sessions Hunting AM & PM, First Class Accommodation, High Quality Rifle Hire & Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner plus Beverages...
The accommodation is in a lovely English manor house with a real hunting feel. Hunting trophies from all around the world add to the feel of your stay.
Trophy Fee's ~ On Request

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