AJN Stalking  - High Quality Deer Stalking throughout the UK
AJN Stalking is a stalking business launched in May 2010 by myself, Alexander Nielsen, the idea to set up this business came to me from several years of recreational stalking and then more recently, taking out clients on a commercial basis, I found from both being a client and even more so taking out clients that there is an unmet demand for high quality deer stalking of all forms both "Cull Stalking" and "Trophy Stalking". Therefore this gave me the main aim of AJN Stalking which is to try and provide this high quality deer stalking service to stalking clients from around the UK and further afield. 
Stalking and Deer Management is something that I have always enjoyed and this has driven me to want to learn more and more about deer as I don't believe you can ever stop learning about such an interesting group of deer species that we have in the UK. This drive to learn started with my DSC Level One which was then followed by my Level Two. However having completed both, nothing has taught me more about deer than taking clients out, as well as providing huge amounts of personal satisfaction when you have clients who you can satisfy with your service, it is really spending many days in the field observing deer which enables you to learn fast. The opportunity to be able to offer this to other like minded stalkers on a daily basis is something that I now just have to do, hence the reason for launching AJN Stalking. 
AJN Stalking is based in the South of England, however has contacts throughout the UK and can arrange stalking to suit your needs.
We currently having stalking available in the following locations: 
If you would like further information on any of the above stalking then please click on the type of stalking that you are interested in and you will be re-directed...
Furthermore if the stalking you require is not listed above then please contact us and I am sure we will be able to arrange something to suit your needs...
Danish Client Hunting Trip 10 Roe Bucks & 2 Muntjac Bucks
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