AJN Stalking  - High Quality Deer Stalking throughout the UK
Welcome to AJN Stalking...
Here at AJN Stalking we provide the opportunity to stalk for all of the six species of deer currently wild in the UK. 
I also provide a professional deer management and consultancey service to estates and landowners who seek advice of how to manage their deer herds more effectively, and how commercial stalking can lead to an additional income as an estate enterprise.
One of the main aims of AJN Stalking is to provide something that meets the needs of every potential deer stalking client and landowner, whilst accomplishing effective deer management. This will ensure that deer have a sustainable future in areas that we manage and reach an optimum level of quality that their habitat will allow them to sustain in relation to quantity, we also need to manage the deer to meet the land owners wishes, this is often in relation to damage caused to forestry and agriculture.
Deer Park Management Services is a new and up and coming part of the business. I have been managing a park since December 2010 in West Sussex and am always happy to offer advice on any park related queries or defer you to one of our top consultants. In the future I hope to be aiding in the management of more parks in the UK. 
I am also certified by Lantra in the Live Capture and Immobilisation of Animals. This enables me to assist in the Capture of Live Animals and also aid their transport. This is a service we use in conjuction with our deer park management service.
AJN Stalking is based in West Sussex however helps manage deer on several estates across the UK.
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